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Learn how to tap into your inner wisdom.

Through the attunement key method.

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“You helped me to maintain hope on my journey.
I felt grounded and supported during each session.”


“Our session today was so helpful and therapeutic for me.”



Though I’ve always been intuitive, when I was younger I experimented with other methods to cope with the trauma of my teenage years. I thought I was doing better- until motherhood came - revealing what was hidden under years of processing.

That was when I reached out to an intuitive counselor. It was a decision that changed my life.


Through this encounter, and after decades of looking outside, I discovered tools that I was able to use within myself - ways to dissolve the recurring thoughts of judgement, feelings of guilt, shame, regret and lack of self-love that come with wounds from the past. Finally, I was able to feel safe again in my body, with myself, and others. At the same time my ability to clearly hear my own wisdom has increased, allowing me to open up channels of communication and energy, to guides eager to help you on your path to finding silence, joy and authenticity.

Together we’ll use the same tools I have, to find what’s been under the surface - compassion and depth behind the stories and understanding of how to move ahead.

These were the tools that worked for me. When nothing else did.

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